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Hardware Features

Fusion Application Board

  • 4 Camera Inputs
  • 4 Radar Inputs
  • 4 HSD Inputs
  • Dual 960 FPD-Link to CSI2 interface
  • Compatible with TDA2P/TDA4-ACD EVM and Texas Instruments TDA4VMXEVM.
  • Compatible with OV2775 Sensor Module (p/n 703867-1001)

Software Features

  • Compatible with TI Processor SDK for DRA7x and TDA4x Processors
  • Compatible with Code Composer Studio Ver 6.x+ from TI
  • **Software is not included in this kit. It may be accessed on The Texas Instruments website at the following link:
    • http://www.ti.com/tool/processor-sdk-dra7x
    • http://www.ti.com/tool/PROCESSOR-SDK-DRA8X-TDA4X&lt

What’s Included

  • Fusion Application board
  • Board to Board Power Cable
  • Fusion 1/J7x EVM Mounting Hardware (Instructions, mounting brackets, spacers, screws)

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