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The NR1001 is an external MAU (Media Attachment Point) that provides a 10BaseT interface for an AUI port. The device enables a AUI port node to be connected to a Ethernet LAN. Unit provides automatic polarity correction for receive.


Powered from  the AUI connector. DC Power Source per ANSI/IEEE STD 802.3 2002

LAN Performance    

Meets performance, functional and interface requirements of ANSI/IEEE STD 802.3, 2002 for 10BaseT transceivers with receive mode collision detection.

Collision Detection

Detects collisions on LAN in both transmit and receive modes


Generates a Signal Quality Error (SQE) test signal after completion of each transmission to  ensure collision circuitry is properly functioning.

AUI Connector 

15 pin “D” type Male Connector P/N C-24308/4-2.


External Connectors

One DE-9 Male Connectors and three DB-25 Female Connectors for each HPM processor card.

Internal Connectors

Each HPM PCB connected using a 100 pin 0.050″ dual row connector.


8.00″L x 4.50″H x 5.50″W


Less than 5 pounds


Cooled by natural convection/radiation. Does not require an external cooling source or forced air.

Operating Temperatures

-29ºC to +50ºC (-20ºF to +122ºF) at standard conditions

Storage Temperatures

-40ºC to +71ºC (-40ºF to +160ºF)

Operating Pressure Altitude

0 to 10,000 FT


Up to 100% RH non-condensing at 64ºC.

Sand and Dust

Exposure to the fine sand and dust particle environment specified in MIL STD 810 Method 510.2 Section 1 and 2.


Provide no nutrients in material, coating or contaminant form or support fungal growth.

Salt Fog

Resistant to the corrosive effects of the salt fog atmosphere environment specified in MIL STD 810 Method 509.2

HPM Processor Cards Not Included

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