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Product Features

3-Phase inverter research board with direct connectivity to the NI Single-Board RIO General Purpose Inverter Controller

  • Enables analog simulation of transmission and distribution systems, including Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)
  • Contains two three-phase IGBT inverters, two single phase rectifier bridges, and two DC links that can be connected or used independently
  • Mates with NI 9683 sbRIO GPIC to create a compact desktop development, research, experimentation and demonstration system
  • Compact design on a single PCB for desktop use or mounted on the wall to a peg board
  • Flexible connectivity and SMPS topology for many diverse applications (DC-AC, AC-DC, AC-DC-AC, etc.):
  • Two three phase IGBT input/outputs (total of 6 two-level IGBT half-bridges)
  • Two single phase AC inputs with full-bridge rectifiers
  • Two sets of DC link capacitors with pre-charge contactors
  • Contactor for connecting the DC-links together
  • Terminals for connection of DC power supply or solar panels to the DC link
  • Terminals that provide access to the voltage at the mid-point of the DC link capacitors
  • On board current and voltage sensors for each half-bridge
  • Removable pluggable connectors wire-poke terminals for easy wiring
    • Create multiple pre-wired connector harnesses for testing purpose, i.e. have a harness pre-wired to simulate a phase-to-nuetral fault and validate control system response
  • Requires ATX power supply and 15 V floating power supply
  • Utilizes 6-pack intelligent power modules (IPMs) with built in gate-drivers and thermistor temperature sensing

Product Contents

In addition to the fully assembled 3-phase back-to-back inverter research board itself, the kit includes six 1.5 inch standoffs, a U.S. power strip, universal ATX and 15 VDC power supplies with U.S. plugs (adapter required for use in other countries), a U.S. 24VAC 50VA wall transformer with PTC fuse (this voltage transformer is for use with US 110 VAC, 60 Hz power only), an Ethernet cable, a 400 point solderless breadboard, three 5.6 mH 6.1 Ohm inductors, three 47 uF capacitors, three 400 Ohm 3 W resistors, and 25 feet of 20AWG hook up wire.

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