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The SCIM1001 (Signal Conditioning Interface Module) is used to match the input and output characteristics of the AN/ARC-210 Integrated Communication System with digital subsystems in both air vehicle and ground support equipment. The Signal Conditioner inputs RS-422 UCARS-V2 asynchronous data and conditions it to meet the ARC-210 Black Wideband Transmit data requirement. The SCIM provides an interface for five DCP TX/RX pairs. Four of these signal pairs are routed to interface modules inside the SCIM for conversion to the appropriate levels for the ARC-210 while the fifth interface pair is routed directly to a UCARS interface connector. The module is powered with 28 Volts DC and it also creates the WB data input select and retransmit key signals. These discrete signals are active low enabling and are required by the RT-1794 ARC-210 for the Black Wideband Data Transmission per the IDS-988-6499-001 RT-1794 Interface Design Specification.

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