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HDLC1001 Enclosure

HDLC1001 Enclosure
HDLC1001 Enclosure
Product Code: HDLC1001
Availability: Built to Order
Price: $5,150.00

Handling Fee: $0.00



The HDLC1001 provides a housing enclosure and interface connector for Ryan Aero/Northrup Grumman HPM processor cards. The HDLC1001 housing is designed to accommodate a maximum of two HPM PCB's. The housing includes an interface PCB which interfaces the HPM card(s) to external DE-9 and DB-25 connectors. The HDLC1001 includes the cables necessary to connect the external DE-9 and DB-25 connectors to the HPM card(s) and the mounting hardware necessary to mount the two HPM PCB's. Unit does not include Ryan Aero/Northrup Grumman HPM cards, software, or mounting hardware necessary to mount the complete unit. Unit is labled with Name, Part Number and Serial Number but customer may add their own Nameplate, Label and Plate ID to cover existing nomenclature.





External Connectors

One DE-9 Male Connectors and three DB-25 Female Connectors for each HPM processor card.


Internal Connectors

Each HPM PCB connected using a 100 pin 0.050" dual row connector.



8.00"L x 4.50"H x 5.50"W



Less than 5 pounds



Cooled by natural convection/radiation. Does not require an external cooling source or forced air.


Operating Temperatures

-29ºC to +50ºC (-20ºF to +122ºF) at standard conditions


Storage Temperatures

-40ºC to +71ºC (-40ºF to +160ºF)


Operating Pressure Altitude

0 to 10,000 FT


Up to 100% RH non-condensing at 64ºC.


Sand and Dust

Exposure to the fine sand and dust particle environment specified in MIL STD 810 Method 510.2 Section 1 and 2.



Provide no nutrients in material, coating or contaminant form or support fungal growth.


Salt Fog

Resistant to the corrosive effects of the salt fog atmosphere environment specified in MIL STD 810 Method 509.2


HPM Processor Cards Not Included


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