SMT Operator Programmer

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The Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Operator manages the data, personnel, and machines used to automatically solder electronic components to SMT Printed Circuit Boards.

Job Description:
  • Verify completeness of supplied PCA documentation files.
  • Operate SMT equipment
  • Comply with all SMT procedures.
  • Accurate board counting/production tracking.
  • Ensure production tracking documents are completed properly.
  • Verify First Article Assembly
  • Clean the SMT machine, tools, and equipment
  • Inspect boards produced for component alignment, missing components, incorrect or damaged components, component orientation, and solder joint quality
  • Perform line changeovers as required.
  • Perform line PM’s as required.
  • Maintain material traceability as required.
  • Manually install missing components
  • Transfer completed assemblies to the next work station


Minimum Requirement:
  • Must be familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Must be familiar with Printed Circuit Board manufacturing data file use
  • Familiarity with Electro-static Discharge precautions
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience as an SMT operator.
  • Experience with Mydata equipment is a plus.
  • Experience with ERP systems is a plus.


Desired Skills/ Experience

  • Experience operating Printed Circuit Board assembly, inspection, or test equipment
  • Must have experience working with all types of electro-mechanical SMT components